Some New Things

Well, there is a lot happening right now. In a couple of weeks I'll be heading to the recording studio to record my debut CD. I have a new website, that went live a few days ago--still working out some bugs with it, but over all it is running fantastic thanks to Matthew Thompson and Ghost Fire Media. I am in the process of beginning to register Breakin' Out Production as a legit business--donations greatly appreciated, for this, but are not tax deductible at this time. 

God has been opening door after door lately, and it is very exciting. There are times I'm not sure how I get everything done and then there are other times I'm not sure if I'm doing enough or should be busier than I am. Oh well, I guess it'll all work out as it comes together.

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength." 

I'll try and remember to keep you updated as I move along. Please be patient with me, I'm not that great at keeping up with this blog thing, but, hopefully in the near future I'll get better at it. Thanks for your time, don't forget to check out my new website and Facebook page--Breakin' Out Productions.

I look forward to seeing you again real soon. Blessings everyone and cheers.