MINISTRY - THe big idea of breakin' out

The Breakin’ Out idea is the ministry of Melvin Wheaton. It involves speaking, singing and bringing churches together to maximize their reach for the Gospel

So what is the big idea? 

I have an idea that I believe will enable us  to help other smaller churches and organizations reach their dreams of bringing in mainstream singers and speakers. I have had the privilege of bringing in Russ Taff twice now and only had a small budget and a couple of people to help. I also brought in The Love Chromosome, a bit bigger project, but still a small budget and a couple of people to help. With a couple of people, and access to a bit of money and the ability to raise more, is all it takes to bring in these groups.

How can I help?

Its pretty simple, I help others by being the middleman to help them bring in who they would like to have minister to their church or organization. Doing events like this, help people break out from tradition and small mindset to dream big and achieve the dreams.


"Breakin’ Out for me is trying to show that Jesus is more than just church and that a few committed people can and will achieve just about anything." - Melvin Wheaton