Some Videos 

A chorus I wrote on September 20, 2016. (c) Melvin John Wheaton.

My Brother's 35th birthday would be November 10th, 2015. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2005 at the age of 24. This song, from my upcoming CD, is dedicated to his memory. (c)2015 Melvin John Wheaton. All Rights Reserved.

(C) 2015 Melvin John Wheaton, Breakin' Out Productions Words and Music by: Melvin John Wheaton Guitar and vocals: Melvin Keyboard: Anne Pierce Piano: Anne Slauenwhite Camera Operator: Ulrich Recorded at First Ragged Islands Baptist Church, Lockeport, NS All rights owned by Melvin John Wheaton.

© 2013 Melvin John Wheaton Recorded Live @ Melvin's Living Room All Rights owned and controlled by Melvin John Wheaton

(c) 2013 Melvin John Wheaton Words and Music by Melvin John Wheaton Recorded at Melvin's Living Room